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Outline of Mountains

The Board Of Directors

We are thankful for the direction provided by our Board of Directors in helping us support the programs and services for all the children and families we serve.

Alvin Busey




Al has been the President of the Christian Community Center since 2016. He is married with two children and is a Deacon at Hampshire View Baptist Church in Silver Spring, MD. Al graduated from Virginia State University, and has a MS Degree in Technology Management from the University of Maryland. Al accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior in 2002 and works with local non-profit agencies in the Washington DC and Baltimore City areas to rent homes to low income residents. He has a passion for the spiritual and educational development of today's youth. 

Joy Decker

Vice President

tom pic39_edited.jpg

Joy has been the Vice President of the Christian Community Center since 2011. She accepted Jesus Christ at a very young age and has been a part of the CCC since birth, as she was an attending member until 18 years of age. Joy is married, her children attended the CCC summer camp, and her grandchildren are following suit. Joy also served as a counselor, and she opens her home in the summer twice every week for the kids to enjoy her swimming pool. She truly loves spending time with the children and getting to know them better.

Thomas Homans



Tom became a born-again Christian at the age of 20 after being witnessed to by his brother.  In  the summer of 1988 he was invited to visit the Center by a friend and the Lord used that one afternoon to change the course of his life. He was so impressed by the ministry that he started volunteering which eventually led to the position of Director.  Tom has been involved in the CCC ministry since 1988. He met his wife Cindy there and they now have three grown daughters who help in the ministry.  "Seeing young children and teens put their faith in Christ is our goal and being able to look back and see that the Lord has truly worked in the lives of many children has brought us tremendous joy". 

George Harmon



George has been the Treasurer for Christian Community Center since 2020. He is an Accounting graduate of the University of Maryland, and has retired from the University's Dental School in 2018.

George has attended Grace Bible Baptist Church of Catonsville Maryland since 1978.

Walter Smith



Walter grew up in Baltimore, Maryland and  got saved at Grace Bible Baptist Church (GBBC) in 1985.  He became a member of GBBC in 1987, and  has been involved with the center since 2005. 

Walter has served in the bus ministry at GBBC for since 2000.

He loves being around the young people at CCC, and seeing firsthand how the Lord is impacting many of their lives.


"I wish I had a CCC when I was growing up."

Rev. Ronald Moon


Ron Moon_edited_edited.jpg

Ron retired from both the US Air Force Reserves with 22 years of service, and the US Postal Service with 42 years of service. Ron gave his life to Jesus Christ in 1977. He received an AA Degree from the Community College of Baltimore, a BA Degree in Theology from Arlington Bible College, is a graduate of the Baltimore School of the Bible and received a two-year Bible Certificate from Arlington Bible Institute. He served on the Billy Graham Evangelistic teams, the Chuck Colson's Prison Fellowship Ministry, and Pat Kelly's Ministry. Ron serves at the CCC teaching Men's Bible Study and assists in teaching in the Chapel.

Johnnie Whitehead


Johnnie Whitehead_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Johnnie has been the Senior Administrator of Arlington Baptist School since 2017. A graduate of Lancaster Bible College and The Baltimore School of the Bible, Johnnie has been teaching Christian Life and Personal Evangelism at Baltimore School of the Bible since 2013. He is a Deacon at the Arlington Baptist Church and has been a board member for the Christian Community Center since 2012. Additionally, Johnnie is a board member for The Baltimore School of the Bible since 2011. He and his wife have 3 children. Johnnies' life verse is Psalm 32:8

Donna Block



Donna has been the Secretary of CCC since 2014.  Her highest calling has been to be a wife and mother, and now grandmother of 6. Her son is a Pastor in Cincinnati. Donna was saved at Grace Bible Baptist Church (GBBC) in 1974.  She worked at GBBC School for 20 years as the Principal’s Assistant. She teaches Ladies Bible Study there and is also Co-Director of 'Its 4uMom'.  She taught Sunday School for 35 years and has been Cook and Camp Counsellor for the CCC teen girls since 2007. The CCC children have a special place in her heart as she has witnessed their lives changing for good.

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